"Imagine your next trial. The jury hangs on your every word. Your organized and insightful presentation has never been better. You confront the opposition's witness with impeaching exhibits. You're in total control over your presentation. You're using the Chaplin trial presentation team. Contact us for a consultation and let us show you how we can help you win!"

Trial Consulting

Trial Presentation

Jury Selection
We help you choose the best jury........
Opening and Closing
Nationwide trial opening and closing consultants. North Carolina opening and closing consultants.
Focus Groups
Case Strategy
Develop a compelling case theory and persuasive themes
Witness Preparation
Trial and deposition witness preparation
Mock Trial
Post Trial
Detailed post trial analysis and consultation
Shadow Jury
Trial Presentation
Nationwide trial presentation. Winston-Salem trial presentation, Charlotte trial presentation, Raleigh trial presentation, North Carolina trial presentation
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